Jacki Cisneros
President and Co-Founder, Generation 1st Degree -Pico Rivera
Jacki Cisneros is the President and Co-founder of Generation 1st Degree- Pico Rivera. As a long-time resident of Pico Rivera, Jacki and her husband Gilbert founded the nonprofit organization in 2013 to help local children and their families in the El Rancho Unified School District pursue and achieve their dreams of obtaining a college degree. Under Jacki’s leadership, several top notch university-focused preparation programs have been brought to El Rancho High School. Jacki is also the Vice President of The Gilbert & Jacki Cisneros Foundation which is dedicated to increasing the education level of Hispanic Americans, as well as nurturing a community, which supports and values the importance of Hispanic education. Prior to her foundation work, Jacki enjoyed a successful 18-year career in broadcast journalism, covering news and entertainment in Los Angeles. She is a two-time Emmy award winner and worked as an assignment editor at several Los Angeles news stations. Jacki graduated from the University of Southern California, with a B.A. from the Annenberg School of Communication & Journalism and currently serves on the advisory board of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI).